Company Overview

Fun-Printz - for names to be seen!!

Fun-Printz is an Express Print service specializing in Fun-Tags, Fun-Labels and Iron-On Labels. We print your requirements on the spot while you have your meal or do your shopping. We focus on personalization - for the unique you, vibrant colors - to make you look fashionable & trendy, variety of designs - to offer you a wide variety of choices and plain fun - in making and using our products.

Fun-Tags adds unique colors and personalized style to your bags while marking your belongings. Fun-Tags come in a huge variety of bright, bold colors and designs. Our tags can be personalized to your preferred image & contents as well as non-personalized, where you pick and choose from our range of in-house designs, making them perfect luggage tags or school bag tags.

Our tags are made from quality materials designed to withstand the wear and tear of daily usage especially for kids and travellers. Choose bright and vibrant colored bag tags so that your child can easily spot their school bag or you for your luggage bag carousel at the airport lounge. Your bags will stand out in whichever is the occasion. No one will ever claim your baggage if you select a personalized Fun-Tag and add your name.

Fun-Labels puts a colorful & stylish twist to labeling your belongings, whether you are labeling your text books, office stationery, kitchen utensils & containers or other belongings. Our in-house unique designs underlines the trendy and fashionable you. Choose from our range vibrant colors, unique in-house symbols. Our labels come in sizes for your personal liking.

There are many attestation from users that labels has helped them, especially their schooling kids, save many items from the lost property department and this brought many parents peace of mind.

Our Fun-Labels are made from quality & durable stickers and made affordable to you. The labels are given a final layer of laminate to ensure sharp clear text, bold designs and vibrant color do not fade away.

Iron-On Labels allows you to identify your apparels & clothing with ease. Our designs are so colorful and stylish that it would look fashionable when placed in a prominent spot on your clothing. Iron-On labels can be used for daycare, kinder, school or for camps and make identifying clothing items easy. It can also carry emergency contact numbers as well as warnings of allergies.

Whether you are making an order for Fun-Tags, Fun-Labels or Iron-On Labels, using our product previewer makes ordering easier than ever before. Our step-by-step ordering process will ensure that you have fun choosing colors, designs, fonts and optional icons to create your very own personalized Fun-Printz products before you get them delivered. We hope you love creating your personalized Fun-Tags & Labels as much as we enjoy making them for you !